Price Increase effective March 15

One of the things our brand is committed to is maintaining 

the quality and consistency of our products. 

And we are not going to break that promise!

We assure you that the VK products you know and love 

will always remain the same. To stay committed to 

these values we are publishing this notice as there will

be slight changes in our prices as all orders for 

March 15,2023 onwards will adapt new prices.

The following will adapt new prices: 

Buttercake Large P 2230

Buttercake Medium P 1110

Buttercake Small P 745

Buttercake MIni  P 335

Buttercake Slice P 55

Brazo de Mercedes Whole  P 1300

Brazo de Mercedes Half P 705

Brazo de Mercedes Mini P 385


Buttermallow Round P 1135

Buttermallow  Mini P 485

Mocha Buttercake Round P 1350 

Mocha Buttercake Mini P 600

Salted Caramel Round P 1680

Salted Caramel Mini P 495

Mothers Day Cake Round P 1650

Cookie Monster Cake Round P 1320

Cookie Monster Cake Mini P 490

Please be assured that we are making every possible effort

to maintain our prices amidst rising costs of essential 

goods and services.

We have faith that we can easily win this critical time again 

with the help and support of our long -term customers and 

hard working employees. We eagerly wish for your support 

in the future as well.

Thank you very much like always for your help 

and support

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